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Enlightenment is an information technologies company that helps clients adapt their media for Internet presentation.  Our focus is the lighting industry and we are developing the technologies that will improve efficiencies in every aspect from specification to maintenance and repair.   The objective is not to create a new business for you ... but to integrate on-line communication tools into the core of your existing business opening up new sales channels, streamlining business processes and enable you to reach a higher level of service for your on-line customers., our flagship product, is on-line reference library for the lighting industry serving over 35,000 architects, engineers, contractors, designers and residential users annually.  All requests made within our network are forwarded to the appropriate sales contact specific to your area.

Personalization is a necessity in the electronic world and Enlightenment has developed communities dedicated to each segment of our audience.  Within these communities professionals can access education, career, event, software, directory and publication resources specific to their industry.  

The only thing we know undoubtedly about the future is that it will be vastly different from today and everything that can be digital WILL be.  That what we do ... digitize ... one step at a time.

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